Aphrodite Spirit Infusion Cocktail

A Few Drops of Calm

Spirit Infusion Cocktail

Everyone faces the challenges of the modern world while seeking opportunities for inner peace and tranquility, even amidst external noise and stress. The “Spirit” infusion cocktail offers a solution that helps people find their own inner world. This special blend is specifically designed to assist in achieving physical and mental harmony and restoring inner peace, enabling us to live our days calmly and in balance.

Why Choose This Cocktail?

Everyday stress and a hectic lifestyle often lead to nervousness, inner restlessness, and sleep disorders. The Spirit Infusion Cocktail is a special blend that quickly and effectively alleviates these symptoms while refreshing and invigorating from within, without causing daytime drowsiness. Thanks to its unique quintuple homeopathic complex, this cocktail offers tranquility and harmony not just to the body but also to the soul.

Active Ingredients

Unique Quintuple Homeopathic Complex: A special blend that uses the power of homeopathy to restore harmony to the body and soul.

Who Do We Recommend It For?

For those who want to find inner peace and harmony in everyday life while refreshing and invigorating their bodies. For those seeking a state of harmony where the body and soul are in balance.

How Much Does It Cost?

The treatment cost: 28,000 HUF

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Why choose our vitamin cocktails?

Personalized solution for your health

Modern lifestyles, fast pace, and everyday challenges can easily drain us. The vitamin cocktails offered by Aphrodite Clinic are not just simple vitamin injections. They are complex mixtures of carefully selected ingredients that meet all the body’s needs and help you bring your best self every day.


Natural Ingredients

Our vitamin cocktails consist exclusively of high-quality, natural ingredients that go directly into the bloodstream, ensuring quick and effective results. Think of it as an investment in your health and well-being.


Personalized Treatment

Aphrodite Clinic's vitamin cocktails are uniquely prepared, taking into account your individual needs and health status. The goal of each of our cocktails is to restore lost energy, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

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