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Radiologist, Neuroradiologist

Dr. Nóra Daróczi

I obtained my medical degree in 2003 from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine, and in 2006, I earned my MBA with a specialization in marketing from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics.

I passed my radiology exam in 2014 at Semmelweis University of Medicine, and my neuroradiology exam in 2018 at the University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine.

Since 2008, I have been working at the Radiology Clinic of the University of Pécs, participating in daily work, on-call care, and mastering all radiological modalities. Since 2014, I have been evaluating both state-funded and private diagnostic tests at the Pécs Diagnostic Center.

From 2014, I have also been part of a national teleradiology team (Iconomix Ltd.) interpreting CT and MR examinations. In 2018, I started leading the ultrasound department at the Duna Medical Center, evaluating CT scans. I routinely perform ultrasound examinations (abdomen and pelvis, thyroid, soft tissue, lower limb veins, shoulder, and knee joints).

Since February 1, 2019, I have been employed by Affidea Hungary Ltd., interpreting in several state-funded and private centers across all modalities.

My main area of interest is neuroradiology. I regularly attend numerous domestic and international courses and accredited further training. During university, I wrote my TDK thesis on the topic of stroke, and I plan to obtain a Ph.D. in the field.

Since 2011, I have participated in the undergraduate and postgraduate medical training at the Radiology Clinic of the University of Pécs, leading practices in both Hungarian and English for general medicine and dentistry students. Within the university, I was an active member of the neuroradiology, gastroenterology, uro-radiology, and pain working groups. I am also proficient in pediatric radiology. I possess an advanced English professional language exam.

I am a member of the Hungarian Radiological Society, the European Radiological Society, and the European Society of Neuroradiology.

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