Gynecological Clinic

Personalized Consultation with Ultrasound

Gynecological Clinic

At Aphrodite Clinic’s gynecology department, women’s health and well-being are our top priority. Our expert gynecologists provide high-quality care based on the latest research and methods, ensuring that every patient receives the best treatment and advice.

Gynecological Consultation with Ultrasound

During our gynecological consultation, patients undergo a detailed examination, taking into account their individual health status and needs. Ultrasound examination allows for a thorough and non-invasive assessment of the uterus, ovaries, and other gynecological structures. During the consultation, patients receive answers to all their questions and understand the significance of the examinations, as well as possible next steps.


Gynecological follow-up examinations play a critical role in the continuous monitoring of a patient's health status. Regular check-ups enable early detection of diseases, modification of treatment plans, and optimal maintenance of the patient's health. During the examination, experts evaluate the effectiveness of previous treatments and the patient's current health status.

Contraception Consultation with Ultrasound

Contraception is a personal decision, and at Aphrodite Clinic, we want our patients to make the most appropriate choice. During the contraception consultation, supplemented with ultrasound, we provide advice on selecting the most suitable contraceptive method. The ultrasound examination helps in the early detection of potential gynecological abnormalities and in personalizing the contraceptive method.

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Gynecological Care for All Ages.

With the help of our expert gynecologists and modern diagnostic tools, we provide the highest standard of care. We are committed to the health and well-being of every woman.


Safe and Comfortable Examinations

We place special emphasis on the comfort and safety of our patients during every examination.


Diagnostic Accuracy

With our precise diagnostic methods and experience, we quickly and effectively identify problems to provide the best treatment.

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Aphrodite Clinic aims to provide the highest standard of care to both local and international patients. We take pride in serving patients from all around the world and are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care.