Try Aphrodite Clinic's most innovative skin tightening treatment, Morpheus 8!

The treatment uses subdermal micro-needles and fractional radiofrequency technology to simultaneously tighten the skin, smooth fine wrinkles and contour, restoring the skin’s original collagen and elastin stores, even in the deepest layers. 


Subdermal microneedles and fractional radiofrequency technology

Morpheus 8 micro-needles penetrate deeper into the skin than any other medical cosmetic device currently in use, creating tiny micro-wounds that activate the skin's natural ability to regenerate itself, while radiofrequency reshapes the fatty tissue in the hypodermis for smoother, firmer contours.

The treatment improves skin tone and texture, while wrinkles and scars are faded, regardless of skin type.

Even one treatment can produce spectacular results, but with a course of treatment, the effect can be further enhanced and the results sustained over time. The treatment is now available at a special price at our clinic after a medical consultation.
A firming, toning treatment that effectively reduces the signs of ageing.

During the treatment, the skin is significantly hydrated and nourished, with extra moisture-retaining factors and anti-ageing active ingredients. The results and the look are unmatched: a more relaxed, firmer appearance, softer, silkier skin, diminished crow's feet and smoothed fine surface wrinkles. As a result, the skin of the face and neck will look fresher, more radiant and firmer.

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